by Neil Simon
The Gun Goes Off.
Ernie introduces himself to Glen.
End of Act I.
Opening of Act II.
Cassie goes after Lenny.
The Ken Sandwich.
The Men Decide Who Will Be Charley.
The Women Decide Who Will Be Lenny.
Glen spills the beans to Welch & Pudney.
Lenny Explains What "Really" Happened.

Celebrating their Success.  Photo by Jerry Denney.

The groups toasts Lenny.

Myra knocks on the door. Photo by Michael Pope

The entire cast.

Ken Pauley and Karen Lewis as Ken and Chris Gorman
Dallas Howard and Mechelle Knox as Lenny and Claire Ganz
George Kent and Fran Sapcutt as Ernie and Cookie Cusack
Gilley Aguilar and Sarah Lorenzen as Glenn and Cassie Cooper
Brad Hobbs as Officer Welch, and Kathy Hepner as Officer Pudney.

Travis Bohannon - Lighting & Scenic Design
Ardeth Denning - Costume Design

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