Picasso at the Lapin Agile
by Steve Martin

Facing Off are Picasso (Johnny Mangum) & Einstein (Joel Williams).

At the bar are Gaston (John Ramirez), Freddy (Andrew Stiles), Sagot (Jerald Edwards)
& Germaine (Lauren Marshall)

A tender moment between Picasso (Johnny Mangum) & Germaine (Lauren Marshall)

Having their picture taken are front row Schmendiman (Matt Shirley), 2nd Row - The Visitor (Cameron Harris), Germaine (Lauren Marshall), The Countess (Antoinette Brown) 3rd Row - Gaston (John Ramirez), Freddy (Andrew Stiles), Picasso (Johnny Mangum) & Einstein (Joel Williams).

The Visitor (Cameron Harris) arrives.

Seeing the Future are The Visitor (Cameron Harris), Picasso (Johnny Mangum)
& Einstein (Joel Williams)

The Cast & Crew. Back Row - Misty Ayres, Andrew Stiles, Michael Ewing, 3rd Row - David Elmquist, Lauren Marshall, Joel Williams, Antoinette Brown, John Ramirez, Kari L. Stanley, 2nd Row -Kathryn Moss, Laura Ewing, Johnny Mangum, Amanda G. Allen, Jerald Edwards,
Front Row - Jaimie Garr, Shannon Kern, Cameron Harris, Matt Shirley

This production was our 1999 entry in the American College Theatre Festival.

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