by Lionel Bart

meeting oliver 1

Meeting Oliver

meeting Oliver 2

"You've got to pick a pocket or Two."

pick a pocket 23

pick pocket 24

pick pocket 25

pick pocket 27


miser i am

"I'm a real miser, I am."

what did you see

"What did you see?"

what did you see 2


with nancy

With Nancy.

with nancy 2


id do anything 1

"I'd do Anything!"

id do anything 2


id do anything 3


be back soon

"Be Back Soon"

ompah pah

"Ohm Pah Pah!"

wheres oliver

"Where's Oliver?"

fine life 22

"It's A Fine Life: Reprise?"

fine life 23


fine life 24


revieing 4

"I'm Reviewing the Situation"


reviewing 23


final exit with dodger

Final Exit with Dodger

curtain call 1

Curtain Call

curtain call 2


2014 oliver entire cast

Entire Cast


The Crew

2014 oliver entire crew

Cast of Characters
Oliver -- Samantha Shady
Mr. Bumble -- Albert Rivas
Widow Corney -- Jackie Odell
Noah -- Joel Worthington
Mr. Sowerberry -- Ted Stevens
Mrs. Sowerberry -- Janet Chappell
Charlotte -- Emma Shady
Artful Dodger -- LilliAnn Eckhoff
Nancy -- Mandee Thomas
Fagin -- Scott Richard Klein
Bet/Rose Seller -- Stephanie Sabol
Strawberry Seller -- Emily Chappell
Milk Maid -- Ashlyn Claxton
Long Note Seller -- Cadence LaBoeuf
Old Sally -- Penny McPhail
Bill Sykes -- Casey Gray
Mrs. Bedwin -- Catherine Wright
Mr. Brownlow -- Jack Parker
Dr. Grimwig -- Wendell Durham
Asst./Street Person -- Paula Jung-Channell
Sal/Street Person -- Morgan Ann Eckhoff
- Fagin’s Boys -
Hannah Endicott, Emily Gill, Abby Jones,
Jasmine Cox Phelps, Kenley Reffett, Maegan Runnels,
Jake Thomas, Tyson Wright
- Street  People -
Helen Chappell, England Davidson, Eden McAlpine,
Victoria Wright, Reagan Davison, Lindsey Hodges


Director -- Dr. Jim Brock
Musical Director -- Linda Chapman
Co-Musical Director -- Allison Yates
Technical Director/Designer -- Kelly Pendergraft
Costume Designer -- Barbara Hunter
Stage Manager -- Victor Leary
ASM (Prompt) -- George Kent
Light  Designer -- Alan Jolly
Sound  Designer -- Scott Veenhuizen
Sound Board Operator -- Ryan Chappell
Light Board Operator -- Armour Brown
- Props -
Joyce Haxton, Barbara Hunter, Mike & Annie Ray,
Peter Darling, Cameron University Theatre Dept.
Crew Chief -- Anthony Seals
 - Stage Crew -
 Irene Runnels, Ron Runnels, Kaitlynn Runnels,
Amanda LeBoeuf, Hayley Channell,
Amanda Whitten, Dawn Shady


Accompanist -- Holli Hill
Assistant Accompanists -- Frederica Grant,
Mitch Meador, Diana Boydston
Flute, Piccolo -- Diane Pihulic
Oboe,English Horn -- Jennifer Dunham
Clarinet -- Kayleigh Adams-Rossi
Bassoon -- Fatima Rivera
French Horn -- Doug Bayless
Trumpet -- Shaun Calix
Trumpet -- Peggy A. Myers

A big thank you to Sherra Gray for most of the photographs.

I had directed this show in 2002 for the Lawton Community Theatre. It sold out that time also.

It was the third time I have worked on the story since I had directed a non-musical version at the Permian Playhouse in Odessa, Texas.

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