by Lionel Bart

"Food, Glorious Food!"

"Boy For Sale" - Oliver (Aly Sutherlin) & The Beadle (George Kent).

"I Shall Scream" - The Widow Corney (Heather Christensen) & Mr. Bumble (George Kent).

"Where is Love?" - Oliver (Aly Sutherlin)

Mrs. Sowerberry (Jennifer Jarrett) doused with water.

"Consider Yourself"

"I'd Do Anything" - Oliver (Aly Sutherlin) & Bet (Amanda Richey)

Dodger (Matthew Wampler) & Nancy (Michael Livingston).

Fagin (Troy Hamilton) with Nancy (Michael Livingston).

Fagin surrounded by his thieves.

"Oom Pah Pah"

Oliver (Aly Sutherlin) with Mrs. Bedwin (Martha McCartney).

Mr. Brownlow (Scott Bonin) with Mrs. Bedwin (Martha McCartney).

The Cast.


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