The Octette Bridge Club
by P.J. Barry

The Sisters at Play in Act I - 1934

Mr. Foster (Kevin J. Robertson) reacts
to Interviewing the Donovan Sisters.

The Sisters gather around Mary.

Connie (r. Melissa Horn) & Ann (l. Barbara Wright)
attempt to comfort Betsy (ctr. Amy L. Robertson)

The Sisters at Play in Act II - 1944

The Sisters at Prayer.

Martha (Cynthia Kent) reminisces with Nora (Connie Mincey)

Alice, the Lone Ranger (Fran Sapcutt) shoots Ann,
the Accordion Player (Barbara Wright).

Martha (Cynthia Kent) as Senorita Rodriguez.

Mary (Penny McPhail) as Pilgrim Woman.

Nora (Connie Mincey) and Connie (Melissa Horn)
as the Two Witches.

Alice (Fran Sapcutt) & Martha (Cynthia Kent) look on as
Betsy (Amy L. Robertson) presents Salome.

The Cast & Crew. Back Row - George Kent
2nd Row - John Paul Neville, Flor Suarez, Sarah Wade,
Barbara Wright, Melissa Horn Connie Mincey, Cynthia Kent,
Front Row - Kevin J. Robertson, Amy L. Robertson, Penny McPhail, Fran Sapcutt

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