"Noises Off"
Michael Frayn

Lloyd (Gerry Gershbach, Jr.) looks on as Poppy (Misty Ayres)
gets a whiff of Selsdon (Bill Kunkel) as Belinda (Kari L. Stanley) looks on.

Philip (Johnny Mangum) attempts to explain himself to Roger (Jason Dryden).

Two Views of the "ax" scene.

Roger (Jason Dryden) attempts to kill Frederick  (Johnny Mangum) as
Belinda (Kari L. Stanley) and Dotty (Christina Ramirez)  try to intercede in a
hilarious scene from the show.

Brooke(Valerie Morris) and Tim (Jerald Edwards) look on as
Dotty (Christina Rameriz) attempts to held Lloyd (Gerry Gershbach, Jr.)
with a thorny problem.

Tim (Jerald Edwards) works on the set as Vicki ( Valerie Morris) makes her
entrance.  While Poppy (Misty Ayres) goes over lines with Roger (Jason Dryden)

The Three Burglars?

The Final Tableux.

Everyone tries to kill the director.

Entire Cast and Crew:  Back Row - Lauren Marshall, Blazica Illic, April Taylor, Misty Ayres, Michael Ewing
Jerald Edwards, Jason Dryden, Bill Kunkel, 2nd Row - Valerie Dominguez, Kari L. Stanley, Johnny Mangum, Christina Rameriz,
Front Row - Shannon Kern, Melissa Murphy, Ty MacHott

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