Night Sky
Susan Yankowitz

This production was our entry in the 2001 American College Theatre Festival.
It won the following Awards:
Respondent's Choice
Director's Choice
Excellence in Ensemble Acting
Excellence in Design
Excellence in Execution of Design
Excellence in Direction

Before the accident, Anna (Helen Hoepfner) lecturing.

After the accident.

Misty Ayres as The Speech Therapist.

Daniel (Wesley King) trying to stop Anna from hurting herself.

Anthony Calhoun as The Aphasic Patient.

Anna and Jennifer (Lilia Rendo'n)

Cast and Crew - Back Row - Lilia Rendo'n, Julianna Stewart, Helen Hoepfner, Lauren Marshally, Johnny Crawford, Misty Ayres, Amanda Palumbo, Anna Edmonds, Wesley King, Front Row - Darlene McKinney, Anthony Calhoun, Melissa Murphy, Adrian Woods

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