Lend Me A Tenor
by Ken Ludwig

The set, designed by Travis Bohannon, for Lend Me A Tenor.

Maria (Teresa Jensen) explains Tito's passion to Saunders (Edward Hein) and Max (Gordon Kippola.)

The Bellhop (Neil West) makes his entrance.

Tito (Dallas Howard) attempts to make Maria happy.

Tito helps Max mix his drink.

Tito teaches Max how to sing.

Max sings Tito to sleep.

Saunders begs Max for his help.

Saunders attempts to kill the bellhop as Julia (Fran Sapcutt) and Maggie (Joy Mayweather) look on.

Diana (Jennifer Castricone) seeks Tito's help.

Maggie and Tito attempt to avoid discovery by Saunders.

Max and Maggie.

Tito and Diana.

A little afterglow.

Maria threatens.

Come out with your hands up!

Entire Cast and Crew.

(In order of Appearance)

MAGGIE - Joy Mayweather

MAX - Gordon Kippola

SAUNDERS - Edward Hein

MARIA - Teresea Jensen

TITO - Dallas Howard


DIANA - Jennifer Castricone

JULIA - Fran Sapcutt


Costume Design by Devon Kate Ash

Scenic and Lighting Design by Travis Bohannon

Stage Manager - Penny McPhail

Light Board Operator - Glenn Williams

Stage Crew - Zach DuRant and Carla Heimbrock

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