With a Little Help from my Friends!




"Long and Widing Road"

  "Drive My Car"


"All You Need is Love"

"I Want to Hold Your Hand"

"Hey Jude"

Music Director: Charlotte Oates
Producers: Charlotte Oates & Neil West
Choreographer: Amanda Richey
Technical Director: Joey Roberts
Light Board Director: Mark Branson
Stage Managers: Amanda Richey & Marsha Thomas
Set Painters: Cassie Jones & Marsha Thomas
Narrator: Neil West
The Singers
Sahona Littig Albin
Aly Bishop
Linda Butemeyer
Jamie Hatcher
Charlotte Oates
Stephanie Sabol
Tracy Stewart
Katie Veenhuizen
Lacy West
Catherine Wright
John Beckman
Lorenzo Butler
Ben Good
G.G. Gray
Troy Hamilton
Dallas Howard
Scott Richard Klein
Eric Malloy
Shawn Roberts
Neil West
The Band
David C. Anderson—Piano
Blake Thomas—Guitar
Curtis Suits—Bass
Mack Womack—Drums


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