Greater Tuna
by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard

The set, designed by Travis Bohannon.

Arles and Thurston.

Charlene and Bertha.

Pearl at Judge Buckner's funeral.

The Reverend Spikes and Vera Carp.

R.R. Snavely.

Entire Cast and Crew.

(In order of Appearance)

Thurston Wheelis - Dallas Howard

Arles Struvie - Bill Keeran


Direction by Scott Richard Klein

Costume Design by Jana Acevedo

Scenic and Lighting Design by Travis Bohannon

Stage Manager - Melissa Horn

Sound Engineer - George Kent

Assistant Stage Manager - Brenda Lather

Light Console Operator - Jack Simpson

Sound Console Operator - Laura Ewing

Dressers - Janice Bear, Kelly Filer, Karen Lewis, & Sally Simpson

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