The Cover of
by K.T. Robinson

Kari L. Stanley as Kate Miller.

The three wives writing their husbands.

Ola (Teresa Kirby) and Tood (Lauren M. Marshall) talking about life.

Tood (Lauren M. Marshall) and Weetsie (Valerie Dominguez) calling New York City.

Misty D. Ayres as Sybil.

Tommy (Christophe Seevers) and Tood (Lauren M. Marshall).

Addie Mae (Blazica Ilic) hides under the table while Aunt Ola(Teresa Kirby)
has a talk with Tood (Lauren M. Marshall) and Weetsie (Valerie Dominguez).

The Cast & Crew. Back Row - Toby Chase,  Jason Dryden,  Michael Ewing,
 2nd Row - Misty Ayres, Blazica Ilic, Lauren Marshall, Shannon R. Kern, Kari L. Stanley
 Front Row - Chistopher Seevers, Valerie Dominguez, Melissa Murphy, Christina Ramirez, Ty MacHott

Curtain Call.

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