by Marcia Gardner

Jack Mabry as Mouse #4, Tobias Lopez as Mouse #3,
Shanna Covey as Cinderella, Miquela Hamilton as Mouse #2,
Tiffany Huckabay as Mouse #1, & Melissa Goodwin as the Old Woman

Johnny Blue as the Chief Minister, Carla Collinsworth as the Wicked Step-Mother,
Liz Matthews as Step-Sister #1, Shelley Hargis as Step-Sister #3, Laura Barnes as the Friend,
Tobias Lopez as Mouse #3, & Miquela Hamilton as Mouse #2

Shanna Covey as Cinderella & Ray Edwards as Prince Herbie

Back Row - Jimmie Matthews, Jack Mabry, Elizabeth Boone, Adelita E. Lopez, Melissa Goodwin
Third Row - Shelley Hargis, Rachel Beesinger, Erika Adame, Laura Barnes, Liz Matthews,
Christina Porras, Brenda Bodillo, Miquela Hamilton, Johnny Blue, Teri Clay,
Second Row - Carla Collinsworth, Shanna Covey, Ray Edwards, Front Row - Tiffany Huckabay, Daren Burke, Charles Clay, Russell Tatum, Tommy White, Tobias Lopez

This was the same version of the play that I did at Gustavus Adolphus College
when I was cast as Mouse #4.

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