The Arkansaw Bear
by Aurand Harris

Teri Clay as Tish, Lita E. Lopez as the Mime, Tobias Lopez as Star Bright,
& Shonna Shafer as The World's Greatest Dancing Bear

Tiffany Huckabay as The Little Bear

Cast & Crew Back Row - Rau Edwards, Christina Porras, Tommy White, Tobias Lopez, Miquela Hamilton, Daniel Hedrick, 2nd Row - Noelle Ingram, Martha Shafer, Monique Kalich, Teri Clay, Charles Clay, Lita E. Lopez, Shonna Shafer, Scott Richard Klein, Tiffany Huckabay, Kim Dobbs, Tory Pettigrew

This was the first Child's Play in Odessa in which the Playhouse, the Symphony. and the Art Museum sponsored different programs aimed at young audiences.
This was made possible by the Junior League of Odessa.


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