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Microsoft Outlook 2003 coupled with Exchange 2003 provides many great features. One of which is the viewing of others schedules.

To do this, follow these steps:

1) Open Outlook 2003 and click on the Calendar button.

2) Below the menu bar, click on the group schedules icon.

A new window should appear

As you can see, a group is already available. For this exercise, we'll create a new group.

3) Click on the new button and type a name. To make it easier for us to remember, the department name will be used.

4) After typing the desired name, click on the "ok" button.

5) in the Group Members field, type the email address of the person whose calendar you wish to view.

If the email address is correct and is an exchange enabled account, the email address will change to a name as shown below.

You may add as many members as you wish.

When finished, click on the "save and close" button.

To view schedules, click on the "group schedules" button.

Select the group schedule you wish to view and click on the "open" button.

The group schedule will appear and display any calendar entries in an easy to view chart, while maintaining your privacy.