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Human Anatomy

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Fall 2017 Thursday/Friday Day Lab Syllabus

Fall 2017 Night Lab Syllabus

To schedule your time, download a handy weekly schedule template here

  •   For cadaver dissection, your lab manual will regularly direct you to Dr. Craig Goodmurphy's Anatomy Guy website
    •  Dr. Allan Forsman  from ETSU has posted YouTube tutorials for many of the models we use in lab.


    Pre-lab Assignments  1, 12, & 13 are due at the beginning of class, and will not be accepted late
    nor graded if you skip lab. 
    Text figures to label
    1 Body as a Whole

       You can also get additional practice with this Histology Lab Practical

    LEARNING TIP: Take your own micrographs, draw leader lines, and post them on Quizlet (or similar program) to share with your lab partners.  

     Microscope Care and Use
        (in lab manual)
    3.14 3.22 3.26
    3.6 3.16 3.23 3.27
    3.7 3.17 3.24 10.11
    3.9 3.19 3.25

      Sample Lab Quiz 1
      Integumentary system

      Skull & cranial nerves

      Skull anatomy tutorial (doesn't cover facial bones)
      Cranial foramina - good review of cranial nerves

     Having trouble with cranial nerves? Try this mnemonic from (scroll down to #5).

      Dr. Strauss at Penn State skeletal sample practical

      Key to Skull lab radiographs
    Watch these videos on The Anatomy Guy’s website:

    Introduction to the Cadaver and Dissection

    7.4b 7.8
    7.5a 7.14
    7.5b 7.15
    7.6 7.16
    Vertebral skeleton

    The Anatomy Guy has  numerous video lectures over all aspects of human anatomy. Most go into more detail than we require, but you may enjoy this med student's tutorial on the bones of the vertebral column.

    Key to Vertebral radiographs


    7.19 7.26
    7.22 7.27
    7.24 7.28
    7.25  7.29b
      EXAM I 
    (210 points)
       Variation in the Axial Skeleton    
      Upper limb bones
      Key to Articulations radiographs
      Key to Upper limb radiographs

    If you haven't yet, do it now: Watch these videos on The Anatomy Guy’s website:

    Then watch these dissections on The Anatomy Guy’s website 
      1)      Superficial back
      2)      Posterior shoulder


    9.4 8.3
    8.1 8.4
    8.2 8.5
      Head & Neck Muscles
      Upper Limb Muscles

      Strauss upper limb skeletal sample practical

     Dr. Allan Forsman from ETSU provides YouTube tutorials for many of the models we use in lab.
       3)      Anterior shoulder and breast
      4)      Arm and Cubital Fossa (ignore all the detail on nerves and cubital fossa)  

     For the forearm and neck muscles, view dissections from the University of Wisconsin Gross Anatomy dissection series:
      5)      Dissection 19: Forearm and hand (ignore hand)
     6)      Dissection 10: Superficial face and neck (ignore face, watch minutes 16:30-20)

      Posterior Triangles of neck (1st 9 minutes, then ignore excessive detail)
     Anterior Triangles of neck (Minute 13 starts the strap muscles; rest is excessive detail, but will alert you to the many other structures here)

    11.13 12.8b
    11.12a 12.3b
    12.8a 12.8d
     Complete Upper limb
           & neck muscles

     EXAM II (140 points - 1 1/2 hours), followed by
     Lower limb bones

     Key to 
    Lower limb radiographs
           skeleton & Musculature

      Palmaris Longus article
    8.6 8.13
    8.7 8.14a
    8.10 8.16a
     Lower limb  & trunk muscles

    Dr. Allan Forsman from ETSU  provides YouTube tutorials for many of the models we use in lab. 
    Watch these dissections on The Anatomy Guy’s website:
    Anterior thigh
    Medial thigh
    Gluteal Region (1st  30 minutes)
    Posterior thigh (w/Talking Heads finale!)
    Anterior/Lateral leg
    Posterior leg (1st 30 minutes)

    Anterior abdominal wall (1st 17 minutes) -ignore detail on nerves and inguinal region


    11.12a 12.12 
    11.12b 12.14
    ( often omitted)
     Complete & review lower limb
     EXAM III (130 points), followed by 
      Viscera  (Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital)  Lab
       Watch these dissections on The Anatomy Guy’s website:
    Foregut viscera
    Midgut & Hindgut viscera
    Refer to your previous lecture figures if you want to practice labeling.
       Complete Viscera  (Respiratory,
            Digestive, Urogenital)

      Key to Visceral radiographs

    Human nervous system 
    BRAIN & EYE in lab manual
    (See Lecture Website for Figures to label)

    Watch these dissections on The Anatomy Guy:
    Spinal cord (1st 5 minutes)

    Cranial Nerves    
      Eye & Ear lab

       Strauss sheep eye website (also includes eye & ear models)
    Human cardiovascular system

     (including sheep heart)
      SEE LAB 14 Human Cardiovascular System,
    section I
        Fig. 20.11
      Fig. 21.14 - Arteries
      Fig. 21.15 - Veins

     Complete Cardiovascular
     Review visceral  & nervous

       Watch these Reviews on The Anatomy Guy’s website:
    Thoracic review
    Abdominal visceral review
    Craniotomy and brain removal (last 8 minutes for cranial nerves and circle of Willis)

      EXAM IV (240 points)      


    Updated   November  2017