Robert P. Yuyuenyongwatana, Ph.D.


I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but grew up in Hongkong and Singapore. I am now a United States citizen. I have a wife, Betty, and a son, Ryan. My education includes a B.S. (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor), a M.B.A. (University of  Louisiana), and a Ph.D. (University of North Texas). Although my major is Finance (corporate), my research and publication interests range from mergers and acquisitions, dividend theory, to investment such as swaps. Some of the journals I have published include the Journal of southwestern Society of Economists, The Journal of Derivatives, The Global Finance Journal, and the New York Economic Review. I also wrote a book, a manual, and several refereed book chapters. I have developed and taught (and still teach) several finance courses online.


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