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Research Projects

TEAMS--Teaching Effectiveness for ADHD Mathematics Students

This project involves the collaboration of several faculty members at CameronUniversity with teachers and administrators at Lawton Public Schools.  Through focus group meetings with parents and teachers of ADHD mathematics students in grades 7-10 we are investigating the problems caused by ADHD in this academic area as well as strategies for more effective teaching of mathematics to junior high and high school students.  Modifications to mathematics materials and classroom strategies will be empirically tested to determine their effect on student learning as measured by standard test scores.  The TEAMS project is funded through a grant received by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education as part of the Federal No Child Left Behind initiative.

Cameron University Preschool Attention Survey

This is an ongoing survey involving preschool children attending childcare centers in the Lawton, Oklahoma community. Standardized assessment instruments, completed by parents and teachers, are used to measure ADHD symptomatology among the children as well as their parents. Data are being used to estimate the prevalence of attentional problems among the preschoolers in our community and to identify the various demographic and developmental factors that place children at risk for this disorder. Our hope is that this research can lead to the development of early intervention strategies for infants and young children who can be identified as at-risk for ADHD.

Christian Development: Working Toward a Supervisory-Pastoral Model

This a collaborative effort among students and faculty at Cameron University.  Our goal is to present a Christian developmental model for pastors and church leaders.  Several models exist which address pastoral care for those in need of mental health counseling or guidance.  However, none address how a pastor helps church members in their spiritual maturity.  Stoltenberg, McNeil, & Delworth offer an integrated developmental model of counselor supervision which may be helpful in understanding spiritual development and pastoral guidance.  This project aims to investigate if this cognitive-developmental model applies to spiritual development.

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