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Jerez, R.A., Peterson, S. (2004) TEAMS Teaching Effectiveness for ADHD Mathematics Students.

Grant  for $100, 000 from the Regents of Higher Education.
No Child Left Behind Grant.

Scholarly Projects Award  Peterson & Jerez (PI) 1/1/01 – 12/31/01

Cameron University  $5,210
Prevalence and Correlates of ADHD symptomology in a preschool population

The major goal of this project is to investigate the prevalence of ADHD and correlates of ADHDsymptoms among a variety of family and environmental variables within the preschool population in aSouthwest Oklahoma community.

Scholarly Projects Jerez & Abraham (PI)  1/1/00 – 12/31/01

Cameron University $3,200
Outcome of Christian Counseling

The major goal of this project is to measure the outcome variables associated with successful Christian Counseling by collecting data at a local community Christian mental health center.

Scholarly Project: Santiago, E. & Jerez, R. (PI) 10/01/01 – 12/31/01

Cameron University
State of Affairs of Services Provided to ADHD College Students

The major goal of this project is to determine the services which are being offered at Oklahoma institutions of higher learning for students of ADHD.

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