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Courses Taught

        Traditional Courses:

          Counseling and Clinical Psychology (PSY 3333) - Undergraduate
            Psychological Testing (PSY 4313) - Undergraduate
            Professional Orientation and Ethics (PSYCH 5003) - Graduate
            Psychopathology (PSYCH 5363) - Graduate
            Counseling Theories (PSYCH 5433) - Graduate
            Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy (PSYCH 5353) - Graduate
            Marriage and Family Counseling (PSYCH 5343) - Graduate
            Assessment of Marriage and Family Therapy (PSYCH 5333) - Graduate
            Career and Life Span Development (PSYCH 5253) - Graduate

          Special Topics and Study Courses:

          Divorce Counseling - Graduate
            Forensic Psychology - Graduate
            Parent Child Interactive Therapy - Graduate
            Play Therapy - Graduate

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