PHYS 1215/2025 Physics II

Physics II is a one semester course designed for science majors to study the fundamental principles of electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics.

Grading and Attendance Policy for PHYS 1215
Grading and Attendance Policy for PHYS 2025

PHYS 1115 Homework - Mastering Physics

Textbook Website for PHYS 1215
Textbook (3rd Edition) Website for PHYS 2025

Optics Bench

Java Applets on Physics

Exam 2 Practice
Exam 2 Practice Solutions

Exam 3 Practice Solutions

Practice for Final Exam
Solutions to Practice for Final Exam

Ch 16 Electrostatics
Ch 17 Electric Potential
Ch 18 Electric Current
Ch 19 DC Circuits
Ch 20 Magnetic Fields
Ch 21 EM Induction and Faraday's Law
Ch 22 EM Waves
Ch 22 Ray Tracing
Ch 23 Optics
Ch 24 Wave Nature of Light
Ch 25 Optical Instruments
Ch 26 Special Relativity
Ch 27 Early Quantum Theory
Ch 30 Nuclear Physics
Ch 30 Nuclear Physics - Other Slides
Simultaneity Video
Double Slit Demo
Mechanical Universe Videos

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