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B.A. University of Santa Clara, 1967
M.A. University of California/Santa Barbara, 1970
Ph.D. University of California/Santa Barbara, 1975
Dissertation: “The U.S. Senate in the Sectional Crisis, 1846-1861: A Roll-Call Voting Analysis”

dotProfessional Experience
1991-1995 Chairman, Department of History and Humanities, Cameron University
1987-Present Professor of History, Cameron University
1979-1987 Associate Professor of History, Cameron University
1975-1979 Assistant Professor History, Cameron University

U.S. History to 1865, Intro to Hist. Research and Writing, Antebellum South, Jacksonian America, Civil War in America, Reconstruction and Gilded Age



Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850: Boundary Dispute and Sectional Crisis. Kent: Kent State University Press, 1996. 434 pp. New, corrected paperback edition to be published by Texas Tech University Press in January 2012.

Awarded the Coral H. Tullis Prize of the Texas State Historical Association for the most outstanding book in the field of Texas history for 1996.

Awarded the Gaspar Perez de Villagrá Award of the Historical Society of New Mexico for an outstanding publication in New Mexico history.

  Reviews by:  
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James F. Milligan: His Journal of Fremont's Fifth Expedition, 1853-1854; His Adventurous Life on Land and Sea (in collaboration with David H. Miller). Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Co., 1988. 300 pp.

  Review by:  
    Andrew Rolle Pacific Historical Review, 58 (Aug 89): 377-8.

Reader for U.S. History to 1865

I have written a series of supplemental lectures on various topics in U.S. History to 1865, which constitute a reader for the course. It is titled Supplemental Lectures on Selected Topics, rev. ed. 2007. This work is printed in our own print shop and sold to students at cost.


“A Law That Would Make Caligula Blush? New Mexico Territory’s Unique Slave Code, 1859-1861,” and article accepted for publication in New Mexico Historical Review.

“New Mexico’s Delegate in the Secession Winter Congress, Part 2: Miguel Otero Responds to Horace Greeley, and Greeley Takes Revenge,” research note (short article) accepted by New Mexico Historical Review for Fall 2011 issue.

“New Mexico’s Delegate in the Secession Winter Congress, Part 1: Two Newspaper Accounts of Miguel Otero in 1861, ” research note (short article) accepted by New Mexico Historical Review for Summer 2011 issue.

“Cartography, Politics, and Mischief: Ephraim Gilman's 1848 Map of the United States, Now Expanded Coast to Coast,” Prologue, the journal of the National Archives. With Richard McCulley. 41 (Winter 2009): 6-13.

“An Imaginary Negro in an Impossible Place? The Issue of New Mexico Statehood in the Secession Crisis, 1860-1861,” New Mexico Historical Review, 84 (Spring 2009): 263-290.

“An Ohio Republican Stirs Up the House: The Blake Resolution of 1860 and the Politics of the Sectional Crisis in Congress,” Ohio History, 116 (2009): 62-87.

“Abraham Lincoln and the Danville Farmer: The President-Elect Discusses Policy with a Kentuckian,” Register of the Kentucky Historical Society (Lincoln Bicentennial Issue —“Abraham Lincoln and Kentucky”), 106 (Summer/Autumn 2008): 409-432.

“The Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty as a Factor in the New Mexico-Texas Boundary Dispute,” in John P. Bloom, ed., The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848: Papers of the Sesquicentennial Symposium, 1848-1998. (Las Cruces: Doña Ana County Historical Society and Yucca Tree Press, 1999), 27-48. Book awarded the Lansing B. Bloom Award of the Historical Society of New Mexico for the best book published by a local historical society.

“Window on Washington in 1850: Tracking Newspaper Letter-Writers,” American Journalism, 15 (Winter 1998): 69-82.

“Treachery or Hoax? The Rumored Southern Conspiracy to Confederate with Mexico,” Civil War History, 35 (March 1989): 28-38.

“Zachary Taylor Versus the South,” Civil War History, 33 (September 1987): 219-241.

“The Case of the Coachman's Family: An Incident of President Fillmore's Administration,” Civil War History, 32 (December 1986): 318-324.

“Intensifying the Sectional Conflict: William Seward vs. James Hammond in the Lecompton Debate of 1858,” Civil War History, 31 (September 1985): 197-221.

“Maryland's Fear of Insurrection at the Time of Braddock's Defeat,” Maryland Historical Magazine, 71 (Winter 1976): 467-483.

“The Kidnapping of Generals Crook and Kelley by the McNeill Rangers, Feb. 21, 1865,” West Virginia History, 29 (October 1967): 13-47.

dotTextbook Revisions

Robert Divine, T.H. Breen, George Fredrickson, and R. Hal Williams, America: Past and Present, 6th edition (New York: Longman, 2002).

Darlene C. Hine, William C. Hine, and Stanley Harrold, The African-American Odyssey, 2nd edition (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2003).

Gary B. Nash, Julie Roy Jeffrey,, The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, brief 5th edition (New York: Longman, 2004).

dotPaper Presentations & Book Reviews

I have presented papers at several conferences, most recently at the Organization of American Historians, Western History Associate, and Mid-America Conference on History in 2007.. I have also published several book reviews, including ones in Civil War History, Journal of the Early Republic, Journal of Southern History, and H-SHEAR.

dotWorks in Progress

Henry Adams in the Secession Winter: His Correspondence for the Boston Advertiser, 1860-1861. An edited and annotated, book-length collection of these letters, to be published by Louisiana State University Press in Spring 2012.

On the Brink of Civil War: The U.S. Congress in the Secession Crisis, 1860-1861. A book to be submitted to a scholarly press.

dotProfessional & Honorary Organizations
American Historical Association
Organization of American Historians
Southern Historical Association
Phi Alpha Theta (International Honor Society in History)

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