Dr. Margery Kingsley            
                                                       Professor of English

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Margery Kingsley
Department of English
Cameron University
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
(580) 581-2331

            PhD., University of California, Los Angeles, 1994   

                M.A.,  UCLA, 1990

            A.B.,  Princeton University (magna cum laude), 1987


 "The English Jeremiad: A History of Transgression, 1640-1740" 

             Director: Maximillian Novak 


                Professor, Cameron University (2004-present)

            Associate Professor, Cameron University (2000-2004)

            Assistant Professor, Cameron University  (1994-2000)

            Teaching Assistant, UCLA  (1988-1992)


                Helen C. Schutz Lectureship, Cameron University (2004-2005)

            Folger Shakespeare Library Short-Term Fellowship (Summer 2002)

            Southwest Oklahoma Advanced Technology Association Distinguished Research Award (2002)

            Cameron University Summer Sabbatical (Summer 1997)

                Cameron University Faculty Research Grant (May 1997)

            NEH Summer Institute: "Religion and Society in Early Modern England" (July-August 1996)

            Clark Library Short-Term Fellowship  (May-June 1996)

                Oklahoma Foundation for the Humanities Research Grant (1995)

            Clark Library Dissertation Fellowship, UCLA  (1993-94)

            Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA (1993-94)

                H.T. Swedenberg Dissertation Fellowship, UCLA (1992-93)

                Chancellor's Fellowship, UCLA (1987-88)

            Ebert Prize, Princeton University (1986)

           Outstanding Professors’ Academy (2002-2003)

           David O’Keefe Award for Motivational Excellence (McNair Program, 2001-2002)

               Sigma Tau Delta Professor of the Year (2001-2002)

           Lawton Arts and Humanities Council Educator in the Humanities (2002)

           Sigma Tau Delta Professor of the Year (1999-2000)

           Sigma Tau Delta Professor of the Year (1995-1996)



“Making History: Historiography and the Production of Cultural Inheritance, 1640-1745"
 (in process)

Transforming the Word: Prophecy, Poetry, and Politics in England, 1650-1742

(New York: University of Delaware Press, 2001).

    Articles and Book Reviews:

 “Family, Inheritance, and Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion” (under submission)

 “Dryden and the Consumption of History,” in Enchanted Ground: Re-Imagining John Dryden, ed. Maximillian E. Novak and Jayne Lewis, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004.   

Cardwell, Scherrey, Kingsley, Margery, and Underwood, Von, “An Interview with Margaret
Drabble," The Oklahoma Review 1.2 (2000) (on-line).

“S.J. Barnett.  Idol Temples and Crafty Priests: The Origins of  Enlightenment Anticlericalism."
 The Scriblerian. 33.1 (2000) (book review).                      

 "Interpreting Providence: The Politics of Jeremiad and Dryden's Annus Mirabilis," in Wonders, Miracles and Monsters in the Early Modern Period, ed. Peter Platt (New York: University of        Delaware Press, 1999).

 "'High on a Throne of his own Labours rear'd': Mac Flecknoe, Jeremiad, and Cultural Myth." 
Modern Philology,  93 (1996): 327-51; reprinted Poetry Criticism, vol.25.


 “Family, Inheritance, and Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion” (Age of Projects: Changing and Improving the Arts, Literature, and Life during the Long Eighteenth Century, 1660-1820, Clark Memorial Library, November 2003)

 “Civil Wars and Souvenirs: Preserving Family Heritage in Seventeenth-Century England,” (Leslie Powell Art Gallery, October 2002)

 "Dryden and the Consumption of History: The Other Poem of  the Exclusion Crisis" (Dryden Tercentennial Conference, Clark Memorial Library, October 2000)

             "Spectacle Theater and the Ambivalence of Judgment in Pope's Dunciad" (MWSECS, 1997)

                 "Self and Society in Thoreau's Walden (Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma, October 1997)          

 Panel Organizer, "Civil Fury, Social Order: Rethinking the Legacy of the English Civil Wars"
(ASECS, 1997)

             "Washington Irving's Tour on the Prairies (Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma, February 1997)

             "Rites of Passage in Crane's Red Badge of Courage" (Let's Talk  About It, Oklahoma, May  

"'When civil Fury first grew high': Culture and Political Conflict in Butler's Hudibras"  (ASECS, 1996)

 "Interpreting Providence: The Politics of Jeremiad  in Dryden's Annus Mirabilis"  (MLA
 Convention, 1995) 


            English 1113                Composition I

            English 1213                 Composition II

            English 2543                 Survey of English Lit to 1800

            English 3003                 Introduction to Literary Studies

            English 3113                 Shakespeare 

            English 3123                 English Literature of the Sixteenth Century

            English 3213                 English Literature of the Early 17th Century

            English 4113                 The English Novel

            English 4123                 The Modern English Novel

                English 4513                 Restoration and 18th-Century English Literature

            English 4053                 Seminar in Literature (Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama)

            English 4053                 Seminar in Literature (Early Modern Popular Culture)

            English 5003                 Composition and Usage for Graduate Students 

            English 5413                 Seminar in British Literature (Satire)

            English 5413                 Seminar in British Literature (Early Modern Travel Literature)

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