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English 5003
English Usage and
Composition for Graduate Students

    Course Description: This course provides practice in critical thinking, grammar, usage, and
    composition skills through the analysis of secondary literature relevant to education and the
    behavioral sciences and through writing multiple expository essays, one of which is a
    documented research paper.

    Course Objectives: This course is designed to support graduate studies in education and the
    behavioral sciences by improving your ability to
         * Read and think critically about secondary literature in education and the behavioral
         * Develop a written argument using a clear thesis and well organized paragraphs with
            focused objectives.
         * Use sources and data critically in a balanced and thoughtful way as support for original
            expository writting.
         * Learn the conventions for format, usage, and citation developed by the American
            Psychological Association (APA).
         * Craft clear sentences that avoid basic errors in spelling, usage, and punctuation.

    Required Texts:

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Fifth Edition
    Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers. Seventh Edition
    In addition, students will be asked to use materials placed on reserve at the Cameron Library.

    Course Requirements: You are expected to complete all the readings by the time of the class
    for which they are listed on the syllabus. Written work will include a diagnostic essay and four
    graded essays with revisions.

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