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                                                  English 3003
Introduction to Literary Studies

    Course Description: this course is an introduction to the study of literature, designed for the
    beginning English major or the general student who wishes to become a more educated reader
    of literary texts. It introduces the student to a variety of literary genres and a range of
    methodologies for the study of literature. Particular emphasis will be placed upon learning to
    write about literature using a variety of critical approaches.

    Course Objective: This class is designed to
         * familiarize you with the terminology of literary studies.
         * improve you abilities as a close reader of literary text.
         * introduce you to a variety of vritical methodoloies for the study of literature.
         * improve your ability to write about literary texts.

    Required Text:

Michael Meyer The Compact Bedford Intro to Literature (6th edition)
Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide
Valerie Martin Mary Reilly
Meyer Abrahms   Glossary of Literature Terms

   Course Requirements: Students are expected to complete all readings by the time of class for
    which they are listed on the syllabus. Occassional quizzes may test to see that you are keeping
    up with the reading. Written work will include fours short papers, and a reading journal.

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