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English 1213
  Composition II

    Course Description: This course provides continued practice in critical thinking and
    composition through analyzing both fiction and non-fiction and through writing multiple
    expository essays, one of which is a documented research paper.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Composition I or equivalent.

     Course Objectives: This course is designed to support your general education by improving
    your ability to
         * Develop critical thinking abilities through the interpretation
         * Construct an argument for a clear thesis in well organized paragraphs with focused
         * Use sources and data critically in a balanced and thoughtful way as support for original
             expository writing.
         * Display appropriate respect for the opinion of others.
         * Demonstrate skill in using and documenting resources material.
         * Craft clear sentences that avoid basic errors in spelling, usage, and punctuation.
    Required Texts:
    Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers

    The Cameron Reader

    Course Requirements: You are expected to complete all readings by the time of the class
    for which they are listed on the syllabus. Written work will include a diagnostic essay, four
    four graded essays with revisions, and a final.

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