You all can be proud of yourselves, we had maintained a waterstop and ran in this fund raising event since it was started 3 years ago. This year you braved very high winds and temperatures climbing into the upper 80's to provide water and sports drinks for the runners. Although Rocky Brubaker graduated two years ago, she has been there every year and brought her daughter Christine to help with the waterstop this year. James Conway, Tonja Eckberg, Hector Rodriguez, Sejal Patel, and Michael Walker graduate this year. We wish them the best of luck and thank them for their efforts with the MM club's community services.

Megan get me a group picture of your sorority sisters who dropped you off and ended up at Mexican theme waterstop --so I can put it in the club CD this coming year.

Scroll down and right to see all 4 groups of pictures of this years support of the OK Memorial Marathon. Have a great summer! Dr. Linda Wright-Smith