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Associate Professor
Department of Mathmatical Sciences
Cameron University

Office:  B023 Burch Hall
Phone: (580) 581-2551
Email:  lhong@cameron.edu
             Department of Mathmatical Sciences
             Cameron University


•  Ph.D., Statisics, Bowling Green State University, 2009 
•  M.S., Mathematics-Statistics, Michigan Technological University, 2003


•  STAT1513: Introduction to Statistics
•  STAT2613: Business Statistics
•  STAT2013: Introductory Probability and Statistics I
•  STAT2023: Introductory Probability and Statistics II
•  STAT3113: Mathematical Statistics I
•  MATH2713: Elementary Calculus
•  MATH1413: Survey of Math
•  MATH1613: Plane Trigonometry
•  MATH1513: College Algebra
•  MATH1001: Technology for Mathematics-JMP

  Research Interests

•  Multiple Comparison Procedures
•  Survival Analysis: Hypertabastic Survival Model
•  Robust Method for Logistic Regression and Linear Regression


•  Li, H. (2011) All-pairwise Comparisons for Populations with Unequal Variances. Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, 34, 1-16.
•  Li, H. and Ning, W. (2012) Multiple Comparisons with a Control Under Heteroscedasticity. Journal of Applied Statistics, 39, 2275-2283.
•  Tabatabai, M., Eby, W., Li, H., Bae, S. and Singh, K. (2012) TELBS Robust Linear Regression Method. Journal of Open Access Medical  Statistics, 2, 65-84.
•  Tabatabai, M., Eby, W., Nimeh, N., Li, H., and Singh, K. (2012) Clinical and Multiple Gene Expression Variables in Survival Analysis of Breast Cancer: Analysis with the Hypertabastic Survival Model. BMC Medical Genomics, 5:63.
•  Tabatabai, M., Li, H., Eby, W., Kengwoung-Keumo, JJ, Manne, U, et al. (2014) Robust Logistic and Probit Methods for Binary and Multinomial RegressionJ Biomet Biostat, 5: 4.
•  Li, H. (2017) Survival Analysis for a Breast Cancer Data Set. Advances in Breast Cancer Research, 6, 1-15.

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