English 1213

Writing is never finished; it’s only due.

Instructor: LeAnn Reeves
Office: NB 2031
Office Phone: 581-2926
Email: leannr@cameron.edu
Website:  blackboard.cameron.edu
Office Hours: T/Th 10:00-11:00, 1:00-4:00
Online Office Hours:  W 10:00-12:00

Continued training and practice in composition through the writing of multiple expository essays, at least one of which is a documented research paper, all using MLA documentation.

To further improve writing skills practiced in English 1113.
To develop critical abilities through the interpretation of fiction and non-fiction.
To learn techniques of gathering and organizing resource materials.
To acquire skill in using resource material, properly documented, as support for original expository writing.

Hodges’ Harbrace  Handbook, 14th edition
Everything’s an Argument, 2nd edition
Reading and Writing: The Keys to Knowledge, Revised edition

This syllabus is a contract with the students.  I will abide by the rules stated in the syllabus.  If you continue in the class, you are agreeing to abide by them as well.  Please keep your syllabus handy so that class time will not be used to answer questions already answered on the syllabus.  If you lose your syllabus, please print another from the website.

Regular class attendance
Class participation
Planning, writing, and revising mandatory writing assignments
Submission of an acceptable portfolio at specified due date
Final Exam


There will be NO late papers accepted.  You may hand in papers early, but NOT late.  If you have a verifiable emergency, contact me immediately via phone or email.  Revisions of writing assignments are due at the beginning of the class one week after they are returned to you.  Your original work MUST accompany the revision.  There are absolutely no late revisions.

Failure to provide a portfolio as specified will result in failing English 1213 for non-compliance.  This portfolio must include graded copies of all writing assignments with revisions.  There will be NO EXTENSION of the portfolio deadline, except in highly unusual and verifiable circumstances.


Mandatory Assignments:                                                      Points

Four Essays (100 points each)                                         400
One Research Paper                                                       200
Annotated List of Works Cited                                        100
Mandatory Exams:
Mid-Term - Terminology of Argument/Literary Terms     100
Final - Test on Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage           100
Other:                                                                                        50
    Class Participation
    Discussion Questions
    Any in-class work

Portfolio - This portfolio is mandatory.                                       50

TOTAL                                                                                1,000

% Scale for Grades
A - 900-1000
B - 800-899
C - 700-799
D - 600-699
F - 599 or below


ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED.  Your course grade will be lowered one letter grade for each absence over six (6).  Any in-class work (EX: quizzes, timed writings)  may not be made up if you are absent.
If you are unable to attend regularly, you are advised to withdraw from the course and enroll in this course at another time.
If you find it necessary to withdraw, you must complete a drop/add slip and return it to the Office of Admissions and Records.  The last day to withdraw from a class with an automatic "W" is November 14.  The last day to withdraw from a course at all is December 3.

I intend for this class to be as “paperless” as possible.  Barring any major glitches, very little paper will be exchanged in this class.  Essays and assignments, etc. will be handed in via BlackBoard online and assignments will be available online.  Peer Reviews will be done on the computers during class and the review saved to the writer’s disk.
VERY IMPORTANT: You need to make sure you have back-up copies on disk of all your work.  You are also responsible to have a hard copy available to you in case your disk(s) fails, is lost, etc.  A damaged disk is not an excuse for losing an assignment.

All papers must be formatted according to MLA style which is outlined in the Hodges’ Harbrace Handbook, Chapter 38 Sections a-b.  All papers utilizing quotations and/or information from a source must include a Works Cited page.  If a paper fails to show sources cited within the text and/or supply the publication information on the Works Cited page, it will not be graded.  The student will be given one day to supply the information, which will result in a reduced final grade.  Students who have unclear citations, etc. may be asked to bring in sources used.

Any intentional use of a source (direct quotes, paraphrases, ideas) without proper citation constitutes plagiarism.  Plagiarism is a serious academic offense because it is the theft of ideas and words, therefore undermining the entire purpose of educational research and writing.  The university community takes this issue very seriously and will discipline students accordingly.

Students who receive any grade less than an A on an essay may choose to revise that essay one time, and it must be turned in one week from the day the graded essay was returned.

Papers marked with an R (for revision) mean that the paper merited a grade of F.  Students are encouraged to revise these essays.  If the essay is not revised, then the F will be assigned.
Revisions cannot consist of only editing changes.  There must be apparent rethinking, reorganizing, and/or restructuring of content.

Due to the topics covered in English Composition II, the class discussions may at times deal with sensitive material and subject matter.  Please be aware of this and approach the discussions maturely and seriously.  Thoughtful and lively discussion is encouraged, but at no time may students insult or be belligerent to each other.
Because of liability issues, children are not allowed to attend class with students.  Please make both regular and emergency child-care arrangements to avoid missing class.
Pagers and cell phones must be turned off before entering the classroom.  Please give child-care providers the department secretary’s phone number (581-2929) in case of emergencies.  She will be able to contact you in class in any necessary event.

If you believe you have a disability and think you need special accommodations, please contact the University’s Office of Disabled Student Services, and advise me immediately.  I will work with you and the University's Office of Disabled Student Services to provide you with reasonable accommodations.