Modification to NFHS football rules for 7th and 8th grade 'B' games

1) The game will be played in two (2) halves, with 12:00 minutes per half. The clock will be a running clock for the first 10:00 of each half, and will change to normal timing rules for the last 2:00 of each half. During the running clock portion of the game, the clock will be stopped ONLY for charged timeouts and injuries.

2) Kicking Game: Each half will start with a kickoff, as will play following a score. Punting will be optional. If A decides to turn over the ball in lieu of a punt, the ball will be advanced 25 yards with a new series awarded to B.

3) Teams will be limited to one (1) timeout per half.

4) Halftime will be five (5) minutes, followed by the mandatory three (3) minute warm-up period.

5) There will be no overtime.

Two officials will be paid $10 each for these games, as you will also receive $25 for officiating the A game. We will not assign officials for only a B game at this pay scale!