Determination of Hardness of Area Groundwater

ABSTRACT - This section should be a brief description of what was done and what the results were. 2-3 lines (approximately)

EXPERIMENTAL - All parts of the experimental procedure, including how and where the sample was obtained, should be presented in outline form. Reference should be made to where you obtained the procedure. Anyone interested should be able to perform the experiment based on the information in this section. Too much detail is preferable to too little information.

DATA - Very similar to your 'regular reports' - however there will also be incorporated into this section any mathematics you performed to get the answers.

RESULTS - This section will repeat the answers, along with any statistical values. For this experiment the values will be mean, standard deviation, relative standard deviation, and the confidence interval at the 90% confidence level for the data.

CONCLUSIONS - Any final comments on the experiment - this should be a final wrap-up of what was done.

NOTES: Report hardness as ppm calcium carbonate

Classify the water as soft, mildly hard,... and be sure to reference the source you used to classify your sample!

Be sure to include where he sample was obtained and how the sample was stored.

Grading: A letter grade will be assigned for this lab write-up. The corresponding point totals for the letter grade are as follows:

A+ = 6.0 A = 5.3 A- = 4.7

B+ = 4.4 B = 4.0 B- = 3.7

C+ = 3.5 C = 3.2 C- = 2.9

D+ = 2.7 D = 2.4 D- = 2.0

F = 1.0

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