My son Eric is seen standing in front of N6604U, the 1963 Mooney M20C (Mark 21 Ranger) that is our 'new' airplane - the one we traded the Cherokee for. She needs a little paint (not JUST because of the current colors), but the 30-35 knot increase in speed was worth the trade-off for nice paint, especially since one of our main trips is a 650 nm each way flight to South Dakota.

This is the Cherokee 140 we bought in June of 1997, and traded for the Mooney. She is a good little plane, and if you are interested in purchasing her you can contact JIM BREWER at Brewer Aviation in Duncan, OK. His phone number is (580) 252-9896.

This Cessna 152 is the first 'different' plane I flew after my checkride. At the time it sure seemed a lot nicer than "Gomer", the Cessna 150 I did all of my primary training in!