General Chemistry II Outlines

NOTE: These outlines have been converted from WordPerfect files. In somecases (especially in the area of equations) this conversion may not be as accurate as the original file. These files are also available in hardcopy at the Cameron University Library in the Reserve section under Chemistry II by Vitense.

Chapter 5 - Thermochemistry

Chapter 19 - Chemical Thermodynamics

Chapter 14 - Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 15 - Chemical Equilibrium (Learning Goals Only)

Chapter 16 - Acid-Base Equilibria (Learning Goals Only)

Chapter 17 - Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria (Learning Goals Only)

Chapter 20 - Electrochemistry (Learning Goals Only)

Chapter 21 - Nuclear Chemistry (Learning Goals Only)

Chapter 25 - Chemistry of Coordination Compounds (Learning Goals Only)

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