Recording Wave sound with Sound Recorder
I.   CD Player: You can use Sound Recorder to record from CD or edit previously captured wave files. To begin recording, launch CD Player from the Start button—Program Files—Accessories—Multimedia. Launch Sound Recorder the same way. You can insert your audio CD into the CD-ROM drive just like a program CD. Use the 
play button on CD Player to play your CD. The Previous Track / Next Track buttons allow you to choose which song you want to play. You can use the rewind/fast forward buttons to go to specific seconds within a song. You can also choose the track by using the pull down Track menu. Notice at the bottom of CD Player, The lengths of the CD and the Song are specified in minutes and seconds. Choose the song you want to record from by using the Track buttons and then rewind about 5 seconds by using the rewind button. Play your CD.
II. Selecting the recording device You can record voice from a microphone or audio from a CD by selecting the recording source. Double click the volume control icon in your task bar or go through Start-Programs-Accessories-Multimedia -Volume Control. This will launch the Volume Control. Choose Properties from the Options menu and click the Recording radio button. Make sure both CD and Microphone are checked in the options box. This brings up the Recording Control menu. Put a checkmark in the Select box below the device from which you want to record.
III.  Recording When your CD has played the five seconds of the previous song, hit the Record button. The cursor will begin moving and the wave pattern will be displayed by the green line. The maximum recording length varies by computer but averages about 60 seconds. To stop the recording, hit the stop button. Save your recording from the File menu. You can hear the clip by pressing the play button. 
Setting the quality: Under the Edit menu, choose Audio Properties. Set the quality in the pull down menu under recording device. The higher the quality, the greater the sampling rate, the larger the file size.

IV. Editing clips You can combine wave files from any source using Sound Recorder. To combine two or more files, open the one you want to be the "main" file. Place the cursor at the position where you want to insert the next clip. (Drag the cursor to move it. Note the position in seconds in the left box.) Insert the next clip by choosing Insert File from the Edit menu. This will combine two separate files. To mix two or more files, set your cursor and choose Mix with File from the Edit menu. This incorporates two files, so they play simultaneously (voice with audio in the background). 
V. Fading audio You can fade audio in or out by using the volume button on the Recording Control (see II. Selecting Recording source to launch the Recording Control). To fade in, slowly move the CD recording volume level from low to high after pressing the record button. Do the reverse to fade out. 
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