Compressing Video with RealProducer
After capturing a video, you will want to compress and stream it. The product at the forefront is RealProducer, which works with RealMedia Player. It can be downloaded from

products/tools/index.html. After installing, launch the program from Start-Programs-RealProducer. This screen will appear. Choose Record From File and click Okay to go to the next options. Continue through the wizard. 

From the source file screen, navigate to the saved location by choosing Browse.

Put your information in the Clip Information fields.

File Type: You’ll probably use single rate unless you have a RealServer.

When you get to the Target Audience option, develop for the lowest user. CU has a T1 line, but if your visitors will be dialing from home, you may want to choose 56Kbps Modem. Continue through the wizard.


Choose the Audio Format from the original source.

Choose Video Quality according to the descriptions.


After you finish the wizard, you will see this screen. Click Start under the Recording Controls and it will encode the video. When it is finish, your file will be in the same location as the original, with the .rm extension. For a visitor to view this file, he will have to download the free player from You may want to include this link on your page.

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