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General Interest
Distance Education
Web Tutorials/Tools
Online Learning Tools MultiMedia Business 
Higher Education
Critical Thinking
Cooperative Education

Web Tutorials and Tools


100 Hottest Web sites
Webteacher Internet Tutorials
ICQ chat capable email
My Yahoo personalized website
Using and Understanding the Internet
 >>PBS--WWW: Gateway to Education
>>Web page translation service
Netscape Navigator's Tutorial
Netscape In-box direct  free email subscription service
>>In Box Direct Email News Service
>>Real Products
>>PBS Using and Understanding the Internet
Teacher's Guide to Understanding the Internet
Glossary of Internet terms
>>Search Engine Tutorial



JavaScript for beginners
>>free backgrounds
Barry's Clip Art
More clipart, sounds, freeware & shareware
Links to Free Clip Art
Graphic Link page
Banner Maker and Graphic resources
Media Builder Graphics
>>Media Builder Banner Maker
>>Cool Text
Gifworks Gif Editor
Animation Online
Pro Draw Graphics
>>Dynamic Scripts
Animation Factory Alphabet pages
Cameron's HTML tutorial
>>Java Script Kit
Creating a Web Page using the Netscape Editor
Virtual Free Stuff
Website Garage
CNet Web Development Resources
>>Java Script.com (copy/paste resources)
Freeware Java
Java tools, teaching, & technology
Coffee Cup Software
Java Scriptsearch
Java Boutique
Java Home page
Coffee Cup java applets
Web Surveyor

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Karen's Workshop Media
Presenter's University--PP backgrounds
Video Links Audio Links
**Real Producer Tutorial
Real producer download
>>CNN News
Webreference link site
Internet Movie Database
Windows Media
Sight and Sound Video Downloads
Cinema Now
Movie Link
FlickR photos

**Sound Recorder tutorial**
>>Real Player
imagine radio
>>Categorized sounds
MP3 CD conversion
MP3 Place
Yesterday USA radio broadcasts
Best of MIDI
Web places catagorized sound
Windows Media Radio
Windows Media Music
Pop MIDI music

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General Interest Sites Services, Lesson Plans, Resources etc . 
Internet Movie Data Base
SEARCH.COM - Lycos Road Map
Lawton Net

USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup
Blue Mountain Cards
World Village Multimedia Greeting Cards
WhoWhere? PeopleSearch
>>The Weather Channel
Yahoo! - Lawton, Ok.
National Weather Service
Oklahoma City channel 9 on-line/Daily Oklahoman

Naval Observatory Standard Time
A&E online
Public Broadcasting System
>>CNN Online
>>USA Today
>>Reference Desk


Web Survey site
>>Roget's Thesaurus
PowerPoint '97 Tutorial
The Discovery/Learning Channels On-line
R&R EdWare - Gradebook programs & teacher productivity software
Cameron University Library
>>Microsoft Education resources
>>Netscape Education Resource Links
Chronicle for Higher Education
American Evaluation Association
The Global SchoolNet

Cisco Educational Archive
Apple Americas Higher Education: The Apple Virtual Campus
Critical Comparison's Overview of CU
National Education Association
>>Library of Congress Home Page
Proxima's Presenter's University
>>The Copyright Website
VTLS Card Catalog online
Environmental Education Network
Internet Public Library
Microsoft in Higher Ed.
>>U Tex. World Lecture Hall
Teacher Created materials
Educators' Toolkit
>>Edhelper--lesson plans and more

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Distance Learning Sites Online Learning Sites
Cameron Unversity Library Sources
Southern Regional Electronic Campus
Association of Web based learning
Teletraining Institute
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
Learning Edge Web-based/MM training
Distance Education Clearinghouse
International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)
The Jack London Collection (DL SunSITE)
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
Pitsco Main Menu
Resources for Distance Education
TCM's Training & Development Resource Centre
USDLA Home Page
Web-Based Training Information Center
**Pacific Bell--The Distance Educator
Association of Web-based learning
Global Network Academy

Technology for Learning
Emind training site
GeoLearning Inc.
Knowledge Planet
Smart Planet
Internet University Online Courses
Training Net
LightSpan for teachers, parents, kids
>>Digital Education Network Online Learning
Blackboard development tool
Web Based Learning resources library
World Lecture Hall
Online Learning Review
University of Plymoth Distance Learning
Class Builder
Becoming a successful online student
NiceNet--tool for online learning
Blackboard--allows 60 day free "trial" >>MERLOT Repository of Distance Education Resources
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Math/Science Sites

Cornell Theory Center for Math and Science
MathSciNet Home Page
Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics
>>Math/Science Java Applets
Math Science
The Math Forum Home Page
Welcome to the Math League
HUT-Math: Institute of Mathematics
Math in Action
Math on the Net
e-MATH Home Page
The Geometry Center Welcome Page
A New Polyhedral Surface
 Welcome to the NCTM homepage
Welcome to the GLaD home page
Hopf Topology Archive

Directory of /pub/papers
Harvard University Press/Science/Spring 1996
BYU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry/Microbiology-Woodson-Tenent Labs
Center for Computational Biology Home Page
>>Interactive Frog Dissection
BioChem Net--Biology/Chemistry Resource 
University of Arizona's Biology Project
Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry Java Applets


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English/Literature Sites

The English Server
American Literature 
British Poetry 1780-1910: Scholarly Editions
Entrance to the Shakespeare Web 
Russian/NIS Literature Resources 
TCG's Wordsworth Page 
The Classics Page 
The MIT Internet Classics Archive 
The Jack London Collection (DL SunSITE)
Sites by Author/genre/subject
American Literature Pointer Page 
Edhelper Shakespeare lessons
Grammar Expert Plus
On-Line English Grammar 
St. Martin's Guide to Writing
Virtual Writing Clinic
Writing Support Center

Teacher Education Sites

Faculty Development Resources
Link to teacher sites
Oklahoma Higher Education
Texas State Department of Education
AT&T Educational Activities
Classroom Connect
Educational Testing Service
Elementary Reading, S. S., Science, Poetry Lesson Plans
Multidisciplinary Elementary Lesson Plans
SOPHE Home page
Web Sites And Resources For Teachers
>>Teacher's Closet
>>Teacher Resources
>>International School Website directory
>>Low Cost--No Cost Tools for Education
The Wave Place--stories about aquatic life
Learning Styles survey
Star Office Application Suite--free to education
Fact Monster
Discovery School
Family Education
I Love Teaching
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African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
Art History links
Cirque de la Mama
Leonardo Plaza
OFFICIEL DES ARTS - Art Galleries France
>>Web page translation service
The age of enlightenment
Gateway to International Art
Oklahoma City Art Museum
National Cowboy Hall of Fame
Gilcrease Museum
Artist Studio.com
Artist Index

Digital Michelangelo


Rita Gilbert:  Living with Art .
ADDITIVE Color Theory
Italian Art Online 
M.C. Escher
Jan Van Eyck; Man in a Red Turban:
Limbourg Brothers
Edvard Munch
Gardner's Art Through The Ages
Chateau de Versailles (use the translation service below). 
>>Web page translation service
St. Peter's
Night Watch
Laughing Cavalier
Art Lexicon
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Critical Thinking Cooperative Education
Mission: Critical (San Jose)
Core Concepts in Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking.org


UMass Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning Center
Cooperative Learning in College
Cooperative Learning Preparations
Cooperative Learning...
Cooperative Satellite Learning Project (CSLP)
National Service-Learning Cooperative Clearinghouse
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History Government
Historical collection museum
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Yahoo's History Index by period (links)
Yahoo US History links
National Park Service's Links to the Past
The PBS American Experience-Presidents


Oklahoma State Government
US Federal Judiciary
Federal Bureau of Investigation
US White House
US House of Representatives
>>US Senate
Bureau of the Census
CNN All politics
>>Current Legislative Information
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International Business Financial Related
Asia Business Connection
Bloomberg on EMU
The Chinese Embassy
CIA Factbook
The Economist
The Euro site
The International Monetary Fund
Learn More about Italy
The Library of Congress Country Studies
Nikkei Net
The UK Treasury Department site
Asia Business Connection
Bloomberg on EMU
The Chinese Embassy
CIA Factbook
The Economist
The Euro site
The International Monetary Fund
Learn More about Italy
The Library of Congress Country Studies
Nikkei Net
The UK Treasury Department site
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