The John G. Morris

      Poetry Prize

          2014-15 Academic Year


In honor of Marian Cary Miles Morris-Zepp

15 May 1927-11 January 2003

  2007 Winner: Barbara Adams, ďPlaya Del Carmen, 2006Ē
  2008 Winner: Jason Poudrier, "High Stakes"
  2009 Winner: Joseph Pratt, "To Lieutenant Wilford Owen (MC), 2nd Manchester Regiment"
  2010 Winner: Seth Tyler Copeland, "Rosalia"
  2011 Winner: Seth Tyler Copeland, "The Derelict"
  2012 Winner: Luke Myers, "Sestina"
  2013 Winner: Amanda Bell, "Senility Sestina"
  2014 Winner: Rose Welch, "Night Life"

One Award - $250  First Prize
One Award - $150  Second Prize
One Award - $100  Third Prize

The winning original poems will be previously
unpublished, on any subject, and any form. The criteria for
judging include freshness and originality in idea, image, and
form; exact and precise execution of whatever the poet
attempts; the right words in the right order.

All Cameron undergraduates students* enrolled for the
Spring 2015 semester are eligible to enter.
(*Exception: Last year's first prize winner is ineligible for the 2015 contest.)


No Entry Fee


The deadline for submissions is
Friday, February 6, 2015 - 5PM.

The winners will be announced and the prizes
awarded at the department banquet.




             Entry forms are located in NB 2014 or by clicking here:  2015_TheJohnGMorris_EntryForm.pdf



1. Students can submit up to five poems, but only one poem per writer can be awarded any prize.

2. The authorís name should not appear on any poem; hard copies of poem or poems should be
accompanied by a cover sheet that identifies the authorís name, mailing address, Cameron University 
Student Identification Number, home  telephone number, e-mail address, and the titles of all poems 
he or she submits.


3.    The winning poems will be published in The Gold Mine, Cameronís student magazine. All rights thereafter
revert to the authors, meaning that the authors may publish the poems elsewhere.


4. All manuscripts other than the winning ones will be recycled, so please submit copies
rather than originals


5.    Please do not send poems by e-mail or deliver hard copies to Professor Morris, who will
be a judge.


REMINDER:  Authorís name should not appear on any poem
                     DO NOT SEND
poems by e-mail or deliver hard copies to Professor Morris.

All entries should be previously unpublished.  All publication rights remain with the author. 

For more information email Dr. John Morris at

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