Interpersonal Communication Workshop (COMM 3991)

(Tentative Syllabus—Check with instructor to confirm.)

Instructor: James L. Heflin, Ph.D.
Office: 112 Music Building
Office Phone: 581-2426
Office Hours: Posted on website

Course Description

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the student with a model of interpersonal communication that can be used in friendship, work-related, and significant other relationship.  The student will learn about barriers to effective interpersonal conflict.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify the basic elements of a working relationship.
  2. Demonstrate a stronger awareness of self, personal styles of communication, and relationship dimensions.
  3. Understand the characteristics of difficult people using a model to distinguish basic characteristics of the difficult person.
  4. Master a new style of interpersonal effectiveness relevant to personal  and professional relationships.
  5. Take one open book exam over the materials covered in the workshop to demonstrate a mastery and understanding.
  6. Engage in a number of classroom exercises and activities designed to illustrate and reinforce communication concepts developed in the workshop.


Students will take this course for a letter grade.  One exam will determine the grade for the course.

A = 90 to 100 D=60-69
B = 80 to 89 F=00-59
C = 70 to 79  


The student must attend both Saturday workshop sessions.  The student is required to drop with Education Outreach if they miss the second Saturday Workshop session.

If you have to drop this workshop, please see Education Outreach located on the fourth floor of South Shepler.

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