Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Materials for Dr. Hawk's class:

Review for the last test

Grading and Attendance Policy

Practice Test and Review for Test #1

Key for Test #1


Homework Assignments

notes on 2 dim infinite square well

notes on chapter 4  3 dim Schrodinger Equation in spherical polar coordinates

notes on angular momentum    part of chapter 4

notes on spin    part of chapter 4

maxima example calculations for a particle with spin 3/2 -- prob 4.52 plus added parts.

spinors, S+ and S- operators, Sx, Sy, and Sz operators, S^2 operators, eigenvalues and eigenvectors for spin 3/2

review for test #2    rest of chapter 2 and chapter 4

            Practice Test for Test #2 key

Problem 4.27

Problem 4.52 with added parts

Illustration of finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors for a simple 2 x 2 matrix using maxima


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