An excellent analytic engine that is available on the internet is maxima.  This is an open source program that is free and legal for everyone to copy.  Although there are commercial programs that are very good, this one is free. 

You can get information on maxima from the following site:  including downloading info.

Although there are several tutorial programs on the web, I believe the best help is from a book written by Gilberto E. Urroz at Utah State University.  His Maxima book consists of chapters which are pdf files which can be read by clicking the link given on the following page:

I have found these to be well written and informative.

Note:  Once you have clicked on a chapter you can print the material or save it on your computer!

As time allows I will be posting examples using maxima for my classes with links to those examples on this page.

PHYS 2025  Problem 6 Practice Test 1.  This problem is worked with maxima and by Hand.  This calculates the electric field due to a line of charge.

PHYS 3043 Quantum Mechanics.  Gaussion Distribution. This is a calculation on a normalized Gaussian Distribution done with maxima.  It first shows that it is normalized by integrating from minus infinity to infinity.  Then it calculates the probability of finding x outside one sigma by creating a function f2(x) which is twice f(x) with a mean of zero and a sigma of one by integrating from 1 to infinity.   Maxima let me down on this calculation so I used Wolfram Alpha to get the desired result shown on this page.  A plot of a normalized Gaussian using Graph.

PHYS 3043 Quantum Mechanics. Plot of a probability density like function for problem 1.5 

                                                     Problem 1.17


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