Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for WinSCP. 


Downloading WinSCP

What is WinSCP and where do I get it? 

WinSCP is an open source secure copy program. Open source means it is free to use and download. Secure it that the communication between you and the server is encrypted. If you are creating personal web pages for the server you can use the WinSCP program to transfer the files.

Download link for WinSCP:

Select the "Installation package" link and install the program on your PC.

WinSCP and uploading files

How do I upload files to a server? 

Steps to upload files to the web server

1. Run the program WinSCP.
2. Enter the "Host name" as:
3. Enter your "User name", ie: jsmith
4. Enter your password.
5. Click "Login" button.

6. After logging in two panels will appear. The left panel is your local PC. The right panel are your files and folders on the server

7. To upload files into your web area on first double click on the public_html folder.
8. Next in the left panel navigator to the location of your web files to upload.
9. Next drag and drop the files from your left panel into the right panel.
A prompt will appear click the "Copy" button to start the file copy.
10. Now the files will appear in the server panel.
11. Click the X in the program window to end your WinSCP session with the server.

NOTE: On the web server the file index.html is your main web page.
To access your web page use your username in the URL. For example if
your user name is jsmith the URL to your home page would be:

This link would load your index.html web page.

Files can also be copied from the server to the PC. From WinSCP you can also copy files from your PC and drop them on your desktop or Windows Explorer folder. In WinSCP you can right click on a file and have several options for the file.

Use WinSCP to edit files on a server

Is there an easy way to quickly edit files on the server? 

After logging into a server with WinSCP you can double click on a file to edit. In the server panel after clicking on a file it will bring it up in the program associated to the file extension on your Windows PC.
In WinSCP double clicking on a file brings the file up in an editor and not the application of that file type.

The double click on the file action changed in Windows 7 for WinSCP. In WinSCP if you right click and select Open on the file it will open in the application associated with the file extension

To make it so a double click opens a file as opposed to editing do the following.
In WINSCP click Preferences/Panels/Change "Operation to perform on double-click" from Edit to Open.

Now you will be able to double click on a file in WinSCP and it will open in the application.

Compare Files in WinSCP

Is there a way to compare two files? 

There is a free GUI program for Windows that can do the same
After installing WinMerge make at least one configuration change. Go to Edit -> Options -> Editor -> Line Difference Coloring. Change either "Character Level" or change the Word-level to "Break at whitespace or punctuation".

WinMerge integrates with the Windows Explorer shell. This means two files can be selected, right-click on them, and there will be a WinMerge option in the context menu that pops up.

WinMerge also integrates with WinSCP so two remote files can be compared visually.
After installing WinMerge:
     Open the WinSCP Options -> Preferences -> Commands -> Add.
Next set:
    Description= WinMerge Remote
    Command= "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" /u !&
    Select "Local command"
    Click "OK" to save and close.

Now you can select two remote files in WinSCP, right-click, Custom Commands, and you will see your new WinMerge Remote command.