Kompozer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Kompozer and Cameron University's personal web pages. 


What is Kompozer?

   I thought it was NVU why is it called Kompozer?

    NVU maintenance stopped  at version 1.0.  Kompozer is NVU but with updates.

How do I Install Kompozer

   What are the steps to install kompozer on my computer?

First download the ZIP file for Kompozer.  Go to:


If on a Microsoft Windows computer click on the Win32 binary.
Download the zip to your Desktop.
After it has finished downloading click on the ZIP file to uncompress the file.
Uncompress to your desktop or place the files in your Program Files folder.

Click into the new folder and click on Kompozer.exe to run the program.

Edit Existing Personal Web Page

How do I make changes to my existing personal web page? 

From the FIle drop down menu click on  "Open Web Location".  Enter http://www.cameron.edu/ followed by a tilde and your login name.

Open Web Location popup

When inserting new graphics into a web page using Kompozer  first upload the graphic(s)  to the web server.  A progarm such as FileZilla can be used to upload graphics.

Make any changes to the web page.   

Kompozer edit window

Next  upload the page to the web server go to File/Publish As.

Publish window

On the Publish Window, Publish tab,  enter your page title.  Next enter the filename that the page will use. If this is your primary home page use the file name index.html .    In the Site subdirectory for this page use  public_html.   If  sub folders exist in your web area follow public_html by the folder name.  For example if files are going into the sub folder test456  enter  public_html/test456 .

Next click on the Settings tab.   Enter the HTTP address if not already filled in.  Also for the Publish Address enter: ftp://www.cameron.edu   

Next enter your login name and password.

Publish Settings tab

Click publish.  If you did not enter your password the following window will appear.

Publish enter password window

If the page was successfully uploaded a window similiar to the following will appear and then disappear:

Publish complete

Files will  be stored in the directory /home/loginname/public_html. Your main web page must have the file name index.html . To access your main web page use the tilde followed by your login name.


Links to Kompozer Tutorials

   Are there other sites that provide help with Kompozer/NVU?

This site has some QuickTime movies on how to use NVU:


Designing and Publishing a Site with NVU:


NVU Tutorials:


NVU User Guide: