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Adams, Steven, Assistant Professor of Communication

Aguilar, Don, Chair of the Department of Multimedia Design

Ahmed, Syed, Assoc. Prof. of Economics and Business Research Center Director

Allison, Tony, Chair of the Communication Department

Argyros, Ioannis, Professor of Mathematics

Bausch, Robert, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Bhattacharya, T.K., Chair of the Business Department

Bisping, Tonya, Secretary of Psychology and Human Ecology

Blackburn, Marcy A., Assistant Professor of Education

Blodgett, Ralph, Professor of History and Government

Braley, Richard, Chair of the Technology Department

Brown, Bruce, Instructor of Music

Bryan, Clinton, Associate Professor of Physical Science

Buckley, Gary, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Burgess, Sylvia, Dean of the School of Business

Burnett, Jerald, Coordinator of Computer Administrative Systems

Bursten, Stanley, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Camp, Susan, Director, CU-Duncan

Cardwell, Scherrey, Professor of English

Catterall, Doug, Assistant Professor of History

Cates, Dennis, Professor of Education

Clinton, Suzanne, Dean of International Business Studies

Clyburn, Rick, Computer Analyst/Programmer

Collins, Marilyn, Secretary of the School of Liberal Arts

Courington, John, Professor of Economics

Crane, Joe, Professor of Physical Sciences

Crawford, Suzanne, Associate Professor of History and Government

Crossland, Debbie, Research Lab Coordinator, Academic Research

Davis, Thomas C., Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dawe, Lloyd A., Associate Professor of Psychology and Dean of Graduate Studies

De Almeida, Isolete, Assistant Professor of Education

DeBerry, Paul, Education Department Adjunct

Dering, Joel, Athletic Trainer

DiRenzo, John, Instructor of Information Technology

Dodd, Jerry, Chair of Agriculture

Dudash, Karin, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Duncan, Greg, UNIX System Administrator

Duncan, Julie A., Information Designer

Dzindolet, Mary, Associate Professor of Psychology

Ednie, Beatrice, Department Secretary for Theatre Arts

Elbert, Jennifer, Assistant to the Dean, Liberal Arts

Elias, Rafik, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Fennema, David, Professor of Theatre Arts

Ferrell, Marshall, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts

Fischer, Leon, Associate Professor of Agriculture

Flowers, Velton, Business Counselor

Ford, Dan, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Gaines, Loree, Instructor of Biology

Gaines, Ron, Assistant Professor of Biology

Godlove, Jane, Language Learning Center Director

Godwin, Felicia, Instructor of English

Goode, Debbie, Director of Information Technology Services

Gregory, Margot, Academic Computer Lab Supervisor

Griffin, Barbara, Assistant Professor of Education

Groves, David, Professor of Biology

Guthridge, Carla, Assistant Professor of Biology

Hagee, Gale, Associate Professor of Agriculture

Hajek, Frank, Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Hardin, Karen, Assistant Professor of Multimedia Design

Hawk, Ira, Professor of Physical Science

Heflin, James, Associate Professor of Communication

Hernandez, Gil, Associate Professor of Communication

Hill, Susan, Secretary - Foreign Languages

Hodgson, John, Assistant Professor of English

Hoepfner, Gregory, Assistant Professor of Music

Hofmann, Scott, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Honeycutt, Brenda, Instructor of Foreign Languages

Horner, James, Professor of Economics

Janda, Lance, Assistant Professor of History and Government

Janda, Sarah Eppler, Assistant Professor of History and Government

Jenkins, Matt, Associate Professor of Communication

Johari, Abbas, Associate Professor of Multimedia Design

Johnson, Tammy, Department Secretary of Music

Jones, Gail, Assistant Professor of Technology

Jones, Joe, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education

Kervin, Shelby, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Kingsley, Margery, Professor of English

Kinslow, Carolyn, Director of the Writing Center

Klein, Scott Richard, Chair of Music and Theatre Arts

Koll, Kurtis, Associate Professor of Physical Science

Krishnan, V. Sivarama, Associate Professor of Business

Labé, Thomas, Associate Professor of Music

Lambert, James, Professor of Music

Lanasa, Phil, Associate Professor of Education

Leal, Michael, Program Director for KCCU-FM

Leveron, Bud, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Ecology

Liontas-Warren, Katherine, Associate Professor in Art

Logan, Earl, Associate Professor of Music

Logan, Jan, Instructor of Music

Lubrano, Teresa, Chair of Foreign Languages

Mani, Gayathri, Assistant Professor of Business

McArthur, John, Dean of the School of Science and Technology

McClure, Kelly, Assistant Professor of Education

McKellips, Karen, Professor Emerita

McIsaac, Keith, Technical Coordinator, Information Technology Services

McMillan, Edna, Chair of the Art Department

Melton, Angela, Computer Analyst/Programmer

Merrit, Kimberly, Projects Coordinator, Instructor of Business

Meyers, Frank S., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Miller, David, Professor of History and Government and Chair of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Miller, Jacqueline, Secretary - English

Miller, Lynne, Instructor of English

Miller, Sylvia, Associate Professor of Business

Moinian, Feridoon, Associate Professor in Mathematical Sciences

Moots, John, Assistant Professor of Music

Morris, John, Professor of English

Morris, Kent, Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Nalley, Ann, Professor of Physical Science

Netherland, Lane, Professor of Biological Sciences

Newman, Cova, Lead Instructor, Education Department

Norman, Mark, Director of Broadcasting/KCCU-FM

Oty, Karla, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Paridon, Terrence, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Pazoureck, Rebecca, Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Ecology

Penick, Mary, Assistant Professor of Technology

Perry, Lorraine, Instructor of Psychology and Human Ecology 

Peterson, Scott, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Ecology

Phillips, Linda, Registrar

Price, Ron, Associate Professor of Communication

Prichard, Charles, Professor Emeritus

Raborn, Todd, Assistant Professor in Technology

Ramsey, Bill, Associate Professor in Business

Ragan, Marilyn, Assistant Professor of Music and Theatre Arts

Reeves, LeAnn, Assistant Professor  

Roberts, Bobby, Lecturer of English

Ronan, Jim, Director of Public Safety

Ross, Cindy, President of Cameron University

Russell, Christine, Assistant Professor of Physics 

Russell, Tom, Associate Professor of Technology

Santiago-Monserrate, Misael, Instructor of Foreign Languages

Sawyer, Lori, Instructor of Education

Schmall, Norma, Department Secretary for Communication

Simon, Kelly, Analyst/Programmer

Simpson, Phil, Professor of History and Government

Skaggs, Eddie, Assistant Professor of Communication

Smith, David, Instructor of Business

Smith, Kristie, Lecturer of Technology

Smith, Michelle, Assistant Professor of Education

Snider, Ted, Professor of Physical Sciences

Soelle, Sally, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts

Solstad, Kenneth, Associate Professor of English

Sonwalkar, Mukul, Assistant Professor of Technology

Spencer, Mark, Professor and Chair of English

Stanley, George, Professor of Foreign Languages

Stanton, Jim, Professor of Physical Science

Stegmaier, Mark, Professor of History and Government

Stoll, Debbie, Instructor of Education

Sukar, Abdulhamid, Professor of Business

Sutherlin, Tom, Director of Institutional Research and Support Services

Tabatabai, Mohammad, Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Taylor, Debbie, News Director of KCCU-FM

Thomlinson, Vivian, Associate Professor of English

Thurston, Charles, Chief Engineer of KCCU-FM

Tilak, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of Art

Underwood, Kirsten, Assistant Professor of Music

Underwood, Von, Professor of English

Vantine, Paul, Instructor of English

Vitense, Keith, Professor of Physical Science

Voeltz, Richard, Chair of History and Government

Walton, Justin, Assistant Professor of Communication

Warren, Benson, Professor of Art

Whang, Hyunsoon, Professor of Music

Wilson, Sue Ellen, HelpDesk Coordinator

Wolfe, Lisa, MBA Counselor

Wright-Smith, Linda, Associate Professor of MultiMedia Design

Young, Sherry, Director of Library Services

Youngblood, Karen, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Yuyuenyongwatana, Robert, Professor of Business

Zhao, Chao, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Zoubi, Taisier A., Associate Professor of Accounting

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