Cameron University

Course Information

Spring 2011

Gary S. Buckley

Each course has a Blackboard site. The links below will bring you to the Blackboard login site. All are listed under the Physical Science Category. Available on those sites are announcements, handouts, homework, answer keys, and access to your individual grades at any time. Prelaboratory exercises for the CHEM 1361 (General Chemistry I Lab) are deployed through Blackboard. Those for CHEM 1471 (General Chemistry II Lab) are deployed through Mastering Chemistry.

Courses I am teaching in the Spring 2011 semester include:

PHYS 1115L (Algebra-based Physics I Laboratory) - 2:003:50 T

PHYS 2015L (Calculus-based Physics I) - 2:003:50 T

CHEM 1474 (General Chemistry II) - 12:30 1:20 MTWR

CHEM 1471 (General Chemistry II Lab) 12:001:50 F

CHEM 1361 (General Chemistry I Lab ) 2:003:50 W