Cameron University

Cameron University

Cameron University

CHEM 1361 - General Chemistry I Lab

Tuesday Morning—10:30—12:20

Blackboard Instructions

Fall 2007

Though this course is not an online course, I will be using Blackboard to provide access to handouts, answer keys, announcements, past quizzes and tests, a discussion board, and perhaps more importantly to you as a place where you can check your ongoing grade at any time.   Most of this information will also be available from my website, but the ability to check your grade and the discussion board will only be available through Blackboard.

For Blackboard enrollment instructions go here.  It might be helpful to take the Online Prep course offered there.  Remember this course is not an online course—we will meet from 10:30—12:20 on Tuesdays in the lab . 

Once you are enrolled in Blackboard, you may access the course using your login information here.