Advanced Painting (ART 4323)

Sample Syllabus

(Check with instructor for updates.)

Instructor: Edna Williams
Office: 124D Art Building
Office Phone: 581-2450
Office Hours: By appointment

course description:

Advanced studio course in a variety of painting techniques which may include inclusions of other media, such as photography and print. Nine hours of studio laboratory per week.


  1. To develop and explore personal concepts in the painting medium.
  2. To RESEARCH, plan, explore, & DEVELOP CONCEPTS for making art.
  3. To create works of art which stress effective visual organization, risk taking experimentation, originality and craftsmanship.
  4. To demonstrate the use of design vocabulary, through analysis & articulation of form.
  5. To develop a strong critical evaluation of personal artwork and to the analysis of relationships among parts (formal design principles)
  6. To develop a verbal foundation in regards to your work (visual images) and concepts.
  7. To further develop individual skills and techniques towards the development of a style.
  8. To develop a journal which documents the originality of concept and image, both through ideation and execution - self expression.
  9. To study other artists, their art, philosophies and art processes through computer web site access, publications, and periodical resources.
  10. To study modern and post modern movements / artists with an emphasis on becoming more awarene of various aesthetic philosophies and theory.


  1. Develop a series of works in the painting medium which reveal personal growth - risk taking, attempts in unkown media, difficult concepts and synthesis of ideas. Minimum of 8 works this semester.
  2. Develop a journal: A personal record of experiences and observations kept on a regular basis.
    "An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached." &emdash;Irwin Greenberg
    You will recieve a grade on this work. Thumbnail sketches and anlaysis of contemporary painters should be included, as well as at least 25 sketches reflecting ideation for your personal work with an essay at the end of the semester regarding the content of your body of work.
  3. Units of study: specific concepts will be assigned / presented by the instructor at selected intervals. Solution to the assigned concepts will be made on an individual basis.
  4. Oral and written participation in class critiques - concepts and formal design relationships (critical thinking). You will make a brief presentation to this class every two weeks in a critique format. You should demonstrate an ability to articulate what your work is about.
  5. Research and collect data on several artists through the use of the computer studio lab. We will be going into the computer room to investigate contemporary painters and document thumbnail sketches of their paintings. Thiswill greatly assist you in learning how to locate artists "which speak to you" and in whom you are interested in for personal knowledge, insight, study and analysis. You will select an artist to research indepth and develop a work / works which reveal direct influences on your style development. You will present your research and work to the class at a specified critique session.

    Collect at least 25 quotes from artists of interest to you.

    From Irwin Greenberg's THE PAINTER'S PRIMER:


Your final grade is determined by my evaluation of your weekly efforts on each project. I take into consideration your steady participation and overall commitment to your art. I consider how you balance the interruptions and inconveniences of life and still make art and how you solve the problems of motivation, time and space to make your art. I consider your entering skill level, your demonstrated discipline and attitude towards painting. I want you to find excuses to make preparations to paint, and research about art and what it is that makes you want to make art. Define your semester contract. Your performance will be judged in accordance to your performance and steady participation.


Your attendance and active participation is critical to the overall concept of this course of study and is required at all scheduled critiques, lectures, presentations and studio/site labs.

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