PAINTING (Art 2313)

Sample Syllabus

(Check with instructor for updates.)

Instructor: Edna Williams
Office: 124D Art Building
Office Phone: 581-2450
Office Hours: By appointment


Painting, 3 hours credit. Painting courses exploring the principles, techniques, media and creative potential of painting. Laboratory 9 hours per week. May be repeated for credit under a different subtitle.


  1. To explore the basic materials, tools, techniques and processes of painting.
  2. To investigate techniques and processes with oils, acrylics and watercolor.
  3. To carry over important drawing insights to visualizations in paint.
  4. To explore the elements of line, shape, value, texture, and color with various techniques and concepts.
  5. To know and utilize techniques in dividing the picture plane compositional structures.
  6. To explore media concepts through painting exercises.
  7. To represent through various media realistic subject matter (still life) and abstract imagery.
  8. To know the process of research and access information regarding various painters - contemporary and from the history of art through websites on the Internet. - (Computer Lab in art building)
  9. To know how to communicate (visual and verbal articulation).
  10. To know how to analyze and critique a work of art (formal analysis).
  11. To be able to apply a variety of mixed media techniques in the painting format.
  12. To know the major art movements and be able to associate painting techniques with individual artists (painters).

Recommended Text:

The Artist's Handbook by Ray Smith, Knopf Publishers

Optional Resource books:

Techniques of the Great Masters of Art, Chartwell Books, Inc.
The Complete Painting Course, edited by Ian Simpson, Running Press
Acrylics Bold and New,by Nicholas Roukes
Painting without a Brush, by David Ferry


  1. Keep a journal / notebook / sketchbook to document each class session. It should include handouts, assignments, daily notes, and observations. A black three-ring binder with top loading inserts is required as well as a painting sketchbook.
  2. Attend class each painting session and be involved in the objectives of the course. Your day to day response and participation in this course is essential to your learning and progress. You will learn from each other and from the group environment.
  3. PAINT EVERY DAY. Paint in the studio during designated class time, conduct effective research on other days, and paint outside of class.
  4. OUT OF CLASS STUDIO TIME IS REQUIRED. It will be necessary for you to paint in the studio outside of class time weekly to adequately progress on individual still life compositions, etc. Do not underestimate the time it will take to achieve a resolved work (especially in oils with drying time between painting sessions a factor.) You may paint in the studio any time during the week. The studio is open M & W 6:30 - 9:00.
  5. Research in art history: past and present resources relevant to this course. Select an artist (painter) to research. Present your research in written form (journal) and also verbally for a class presentation (with slides). You will also create a work which emulates the style of your chosen artist (PARAPHRASE A MASTERPIECE). The new computer lab will be great for this research.
  6. Complete all assigned painting assignments, participate in each class critique and present a portfolio at the end of the semester.



Attendance is crucial to overall concept of this course of study and is required at all scheduled demos, critiques, lectures, and studio /site labs. It is an academic/studio situation and is more than "just" painting. It is hard to make up class or group oriented experiences. An excused absence still requires equivalent make-up. If you miss, you must arrange a equivalent experience for the time missed. This is your responsibility. The most time you can make up is three days without dropping points and/or a letter grade (depends upon your timing within the semester. Discuss each situation with me for equivalent experience / time approval.


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