Lecture Page for History 1123

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1. *Zheng He and Chinese Expansion, c. 1400-1450

2. *Chinese Society c. 1450-1650: Scholars, Merchants, Eunuchs, and Peasants

3. The End of the Ming Dynasty

*Approaches to Empire: China, the Mughals, the Ottomans, the Russians, the Safavids

5. The Mughal Empire in Comparative Perspective

6. *Mughal Society: The State and the People

7. *Hindus, Marathas, and Sikhs in a Muslim State

8. The Iberian World and the Americas, c. 1400-1505

8b. Europe, c. 1300-1600

8c. *Europe and the Beginnings of the Atlantic World, 1350-1500

*The Incas and the Aztecs, 1300-1500

9. The Spanish in the Caribbean and the Making of New Spain

*The Spanish Americas

10.  The Consolidation of New Spain

11. *Brazil

*Empire in the Americas after 1500

13.  Slave Societies and the Atlantic Slave Trade: Who Was Responsible and How Did the System Work?

13b. *A Comparative Look at Trade, 1450-1750

*The Slave Trade as a Global Enterprise

14.  European Cultural and Economic Transformation, c. 1600-1800

14b. *Religious and Scientific Change in Eurasia, 1500-1800

14c. *Atlantic Revolutions: Revolution or Reform?

15. Global Enterprise, Industrialization, Colonialism, and Amsterdam: A European City in the Colonial Era

15b. *Industrial Change

16.  The Dutch and Colonialism in the Nineteenth Century

16b. *Different Paths Forward? China, Indonesia,  Japan, and the Ottoman Empire

17. India and China in the Nineteenth Century and the Troubles of Max Havelaar

17b. *Strategies of Colonialism in Asia and Africa

18. Europeans and Africans and the Dimissal of Max Havelaar

19. World War I, World War II, and the Non-Western World

19b. *World War I and II and their Consequences for the Non-Western World

20. Ultra-Nationalism and Its Consequences

*Ultra-Nationalism and Its Consequences

21. Decolonization 1: Guatemala and Indonesia

21b. *Decolonization 1

Decolonization 2: Civil Rights in South Africa and Women's Rights in the Non-Western World

22b. *Decolonization 2

23. Post-1945 China, India, Pakistan, and Local Politics and Development in the Non-Western World

Post-1945 China and Indo-Pakistani Nuclear Politics

*The Cold War in Europe and the Non-Western World

26. *Globalization

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