History 1113- Fall 2002

Formal Writing #3

The Cid focuses on the life of nobleman who lived in a frontier society in which the services of such men were essential, as we have discussed in class. Write a 3-4 page essay that analyzes the Cid in terms of his political and social position within his society. The following questions should help shape your essay:

What is the role that he plays in his society? How is this made clear in the story?
Is he dependent on others or not? Why? If so, in what ways? What are the consequences of this?
What strategies does he use to fulfil his role? Is he successful? Why or why not?

You should include whatever background information on the culture from which this story derives that you think is necessary. The focus of your essay should be primarily on the story itself, however, and in particular your analysis of the main figure.

This assignment should result in a single well-organized essay, with an introduction, at least three paragraphs of analysis that address the questions above, and a conclusion. If you have trouble, I recommend making an appointment with one of the writing tutors at the Center for Writers for help. Remember, they probably will not know these texts and therefore cannot correct factual or interpretative errors, but they can help with things like organization and structure.

Use appropriate citation for historians as outlined elsewhere on the web syllabus and as you have in previous assignments. Do not use any books other than The Poem of the Cid or The Earth and Its Peoples unless you clear them with me.

This paper (like all papers for this class) should be typed, double-spaced, with a 1" left margin and 1" righthand margin, with page numbers, with a heading but no title page, and stapled in the top left corner. Do not use any kind of cover or folder. Three to four pages means at least 3 full pages, but no more than 4.

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