Lecture Outlines:
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(1) Prehistory I: The First Humans and the First Human Societies
(2) Prehistory II: Difference in Neolithic Societies and
the Role of Geography in the Origins of the First Human Societies
(3)  The Origins of Egyptian and Mesopotamian Societies

(4)  Crime and Punishment: Law and Society in Ancient Babylonia and New Kingdom Egypt

(5) Societies and Resources: the First Inter-State Conflict in the Middle East

(6) Writing and Religion in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

(7) Early History to 221 B.C.E.

(8) Philosophies of Order and Conduct in Classical China

(9)  Early Aegean Societies

(10) Sparta Compared with Athens

(11) The World of Socrates                       

(12 Sparta After Lycurgus through 400 B.C.E.                           
Sparta under Agis IV and Cleomenes III

(14) Caste versus Polis: Belonging in South Asia and the Greek World and the Revolution Against Caste: The Rise of Buddhism

(15) The End of Civic Religion in Greece and Rome: The Path to Jewish and Christian Communities in Imperial Rome

(16) Integration and Disintegration in the Late Classical Era

(17) The Societies of the Silk Road
(18) The Middlemen of the Silk Road

(19) Governance in Tang and Song China

(20) The Tibetan State and the Nomadic Empires of the Silk Road

(21)  Women in the Societies of the Silk Road

(22) The Spread of Islam and the Rise of Christian Societies in Western Europe 
(23) Christian Responses to Islam's Expansion

(24) The Mongols
(25) The Turkic Empires of Western Eurasia

(26) The World of Ibn Battuta, Western Islam in the 14th Century: the Maghrib, the Mamluks, and Mecca

(27) Persia, Iraq, and Anatolia (Turkey) in the 14th Century
(28) Urban Revivals and Developments
(29) The Sultanate of Dehli (India)

(30) Yuan China, Africa, and Europe in the 14th-Century Global System

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