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"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations."

--  Spock, Star Trek


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Kenpo Karate: 2nd Degree Blackbelt, American Kenpo Karate; Member, Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association; Chief Instructor @ First Christian Church Kenpo Karate, Charlottesville, VA.  Co-developer of the FCC Self Defense Course. (Daughter and My instructor shown above).


(Above:  Kanji, 2nd Dan Chop, WKKA School patch, American Kenpo patch)

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Thumbnails:  Top of page:  an animated gif of a self defense technique (Mace of Aggression, performed by Tabby & Tom Widdows, one of my instructors. The animated gif was made using MicroSoft Gif Animator).  Daughter Tabby - Grand Champion Blackbelt in Sparring; me throwing the "bosses" son; group pic with Mr. P - 10th Dan; me promoting daughter to blackbelt; 3 of my other blackbelts; me and Eli - world's youngest black belt. 


Fishing: I especially like to fish for crappy and bass.



Harassing my wife: Okay, so I like to live dangerously!  I also like to read and write. My favorite authors include:  Louis L'Amour, Tom Clancy, WEB Griffin, Robert Heinlein, Anne MacCaffrey, Ayn Rand, and many others.



Cowboy Arts: I've broke and trained horses.  Competed in team pinning and sorting.  Currently own two horses and a miniature donkey.



Farming:  I farm in Greer County, Oklahoma - wheat, hay, and cows.